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Mid-East Model Engineering Expo 2016

Posted by Paul Debolt on



     THANK YOU!   Just wanted to extend our thanks to all Vendors, Exhibitors, and Engine Enthusiasts for participating in our Ninth Annual Expo.    Everyone seemed very pleased with our Expo again this year.
     Pictured are some Vendors & Exhibitors enjoying the lunch included on set up day.  This years menu included beef stew, rolls, applesauce, apple cake, oatmeal cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and pumpkin cake.  Drinks were also provided (water, soda, coffee, tea, hot chocolate).  Breakfast was also included on set up day which included bagels, english muffins, donuts, raisin toast, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.
     Vendors & Exhibitors are on their own for meals when we open to the public, however, we do have a kitchen selling various breakfast, lunch, and snack items all day.  Well usually the kitchen staff is there, this year the staff did not show up.....why?   I don't know.  So we came up with a contingency plan....we ordered pizzas, bought drinks, chips, fruit, snacks, etc.   All of these emergency lunch items were sold at profit to Debolt Machine. 
     Again THANK YOU to all participants, and really appreciated your patience, and your kind words at the end of the show.   It is always nice to hear how much you enjoy coming to our Expo each year.
     Next year marks our 10th year, and we are already thinking about what we will be doing next year.   Please leave us your comments and/or suggestions for next years show in the comments section of this blog....we welcome your input.   You might also leave us some suggestions on what you would like to see on our menu for set up day next year.

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